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About the Questionnaire



In order to gather and share accurate information on Solid Waste Management in Africa and to realize clean cities around the continent, ACCP carry out various study including questionnaire survey for officials in charge of Solid Waste Management in their respective country or municipality. The questionnaire is web-based survey and is prepared in both English and French. The content of questionnaires are viewed here.

Thank you for those who participated and gave responses. Your answer was very valuable and became a part of ACCP's effort. For those who are focal points (and not yet received our questionnaire request via e-mail), it will be very appreciative if you spend some time to give responses.




About the Results

The results of questionnaire are shown here. Please select from the list below.

・Result of questionnaire for the COUNTRY

・Result of questionnaire for the CITY

Please note that the results shown may contains only the responses gathered at the time of analysis and not the final version.


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