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Members and Partners

How to join

African countries and cities that agree with our mission and objectives and are willing to improve their waste management and achieve SDGs can join ACCP. Please contact the JICA country office in your country and submit an official letter to the JICA office through the central government agency responsible for waste management. The letter should include the following elements:

(1) Consent to cooperate with the following activities;

1) Share knowledge on waste management,

2) Provide data on the current status of waste management and issues including SDGs baseline data

(2) Nomination of liaison: Name, title and contact information (E-mail etc.)

Discussion Group

Liaison and ACCP related persons can join the discussion group on Facebook (in English/French). An invitation letter from the ACCP secretariat by e-mail and registration are necessary for participation. Those who wish to participate, please contact the secretariat (accp@jica.go.jp).

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