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JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program on
 "Enhancement of Solid Waste Management Capacity
(Advance, Planning and Policy)"

30th January-23rd February, 2018
Yokohama and Shibushi, Japan





Course Period in JAPAN

From January 30th, 2018 to February 24th, 2018

Target Countries

Côte d'Ivoire, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Sudan and Sudan

Number of participants

9 participants

Language used in this program


Course Objective

Participants formulate action plans towards sustainable solid waste management (SWM), which specify policies for improving the present SWM in their countries and cities.

Overall Goal

Through the implementation of formulated action plans, SWM in the participant's countries and cities is improved. Also, the network of African countries and cities, as well as of Japanese cities and the private sector, with regard to SWM is strengthened.

Outline of the training program

  • Lecture on the history and an overview of SWM in Japan
  • Lecture on the current system, experiences and lessons learned in waste collection, transportation, intermediate treatment and final disposal at leading Japanese local governments (Yokohama City and Shibushi City) under their master plans on municipal solid waste management
  • Lecture on the necessity of an SWM masterplan based on accurate data
  • A site visit to a waste pick-up station, a recycling center, an incineration plant and a final landfill
  • Presentation of the feasible action plan prepared by training participants for improving the SWM of their countries and cities

Key Documents

  • Training program

English / Japanese

Participant's comments

Yusuf Abdullahi Rigasa PhD, General Manager, Kaduna State Environmental Protection Authority, Nigeria

My trip and solid waste management exposure in Japan

The African Clean Cities Platform (ACCP) and the SWM training I received in Japan from JICA Yokohama International Centre (YIC) are wakeup calls, to rededicate my efforts and that of Kaduna State leadership, to ensuring timely delivery of SDGs Targets in urban waste management and sanitation. The training has empowered me with the knowledge to transform and upgrade waste generation, collection, transportation, intermediate treatment and final disposal systems in Kaduna Metropolis. We look forward to a future of friendship and partnership in cleaning our city and providing a healthy environment for our citizens and the world. Arigatou gozaimasu, ありがとうございます.

•Dr. Yusuf Abdullahi Rigasa's country report

•Dr. Yusuf Abdullahi Rigasa's action plan


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