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Knowledge-Sharing Seminar on Waste Management and Preparatory Meeting for Establishing
"African Clean Cities Platform"

25th–27th April, 2017 Maputo, Mozambique

The preparatory meeting for establishing "African Clean Cities Platform" was organized in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique for three days from 25 to 27 April, 2017. Approximately 150 participants from the central and local governments from 24 African countries, the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the United Nations Human Settlement Program (UN-Habitat), the City of Yokohama, private enterprises, and Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) unanimously endorsed the inauguration of the "African Clean Cities Platform" on April 27th, the last day of the meeting.

On the first day, Maputo Municipality officers, who are the project members of the JICA Technical Cooperation Project, "the Project for Promotion of Sustainable 3R Activities in Maputo," shared the results of and knowledge gained through the project, and the Maputo Municipality and the Mozambique government introduced other efforts related to solid waste management (SWM). In the panel discussion, participants discussed the improvement of the efficiency of waste collection systems, the financial sustainability of SWM, and approaches to promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

On the second day, by dividing the participants into three groups, a workshop on problem identification and analysis was held on SWM issues in Africa. In the afternoon, JICA introduced the draft initial plan of the Platform, and the participants discussed it.

On the third day, the launch session was held, and the final draft of the initial plan and the Maputo Declaration based on the results of the discussion on the second day were announced and the participants concluded the meeting by expressing their determination to solve the issues on SWM in Africa through the Platform.



Hotel Avenida, Maputo, Mozambique

Participating countries / agencies

Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Senegal, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Japan, JICA, City of Yokohama, UNEP, and UN-Habitat


English, Portuguese and French (with simultaneous interpretation)


Maputo Municipality, Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER) of Mozambique, Ministry of the Environment of Japan, JICA, UNEP, UN-Habitat


  • Mr. Celso Ismael CORREIA, Minister, Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development of Mozambique
  • Mr. Tadahiko ITO, State Minister, Ministry of the Environment of Japan
  • Mr. David SIMANGO, President of Municipal Council, Maputo Municipality, Mozambique

Key Documents


Maputo Declaration
English / French / Portuguese / Japanese

Initial Plan of the Platform and Major Points discussed on the Plan
English / French / Portuguese / Japanese

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