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Actions of ACCP

Training program in Japan

ACCP implements several training courses on waste management for member countries and cities. For practitioners, a training program to learn appropriate methods and techniques for improving waste management, and for policy makers, a study tour to deepen understanding of the importance of waste management and to raise policy priorities have been prepared.

30 January–23 February, 2018 Yokohama and Shibushi, Japan JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program on "Enhancement of Solid Waste Management Capacity (Advance, Planning and Policy)"



Upcoming events

(To Be Announced) 



Past events

30 Nov., 2018 Tokyo, Japan
23 October, 2018 Yokohama, Japan
5 October, 2018 Tokyo, Japan
26-28 June, 2018 Rabat, Morocco
19 June, 2018 Tokyo, Japan
24 August,
Maputo, Mozambique
25-27 April, 2017 Maputo, Mozambique



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